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TRELEW, Argentina, 2016-02-26 (SPNW)

Government IT Security Guide says Avoid the Cloud and US, UK, AU, CA, NZ Servers like the Plague

TRELEW, 26th February 2016, (SPNW) - A data privacy and anti-espionage guide which was recently released by SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is warning governments and corporations in Europe, Russia and Latin America about mass surveillance carried on by the so-called Five Eyes countries. The guide, which was made available free of charge and online by the Canadian publishing house is also instructing government IT users how to plan their hosting and telecommunications services so as to avoid jurisdictions where their data could be leaked to spying governments or other corporations.

SAN FRANCISCO, 2014-04-22 (SPNW)

Swedish Disqusgate: FBI Refuses to Comment, National Security Expert Puts "Black Hat" on Disqus Exploit

San Francisco, 22nd April 2014, (SPNW) - The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has refused to comment on a recent incident in which the e-mail addresses of an estimated 6,200 Disqus users were matched to real people by a group of activists. The leaked data were subsequently used by the Swedish tabloid Expressen to hunt down and confront assumedly anonymous users about their online comments and political views- sometimes in front of cameras at their places of residence. One of the foremost experts on cybercrime in the United States defines the Swedish data exploit that targeted the U.S. company in a way that makes it very unlikely to be seen as "white hat".

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, 2014-04-16 (SPNW)

The Right Stuff: What Makes a Space Lawyer?

Quebec, 16th April 2014, (SPNW) - The Internet is quickly filling up with news and blogs about "space lawyers". In 2008 the American website space.com featured a story about the graduation of "the first space lawyer" at the University of Mississippi. An increasing number of websites- both attorney-related and purely academic- are offering expertise in space law. However, hard facts about what the space industry actually needs and an exact definition of what expertise is required of a space lawyer are far more difficult to come by.

OTTAWA, Canada, 2014-04-09

Ukraine Crisis: Canada Steps Up Rhetoric, Threatens Russia with Further Isolation from International Community

Ottawa, 9th April 2014, (SPNW) - The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development has stepped up criticism of President Vladimir Putin and of Russian policy on Ukraine and Crimea. In a statement issued yesterday the Canadian Government threatened further isolation of Russia from the international community. Based upon recent events this likely implies the implementation of further Canadian and international sanctions against the country.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, 2014-04-02 (SPNW)

Data Privacy Breach: Disqus Suspends Account, Contacts Law Enforcement in Wake of Swedish Tabloid's Attack on Group of Users

Stockholm, 2nd April 2014, (SPNW) - The San Francisco-based blog comment hosting service Disqus has suspended an account used to obtain and decipher the e-mail addresses of a group of users. The information was used by the Bonnier-owned tabloid Expressen in Sweden to match anonymous political commentary to real individuals who were later confronted by the tabloid's reporters. Disqus has reported the matter to law enforcement locally and in Sweden.

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