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QUEBEC CITY, Canada, 2014-04-01 (SPNW)

Economic Analysis: Western Talent Could Flee to Iran, Russia, China

Québec, 26th March 2014, (SPNW) - According to information in one of the chapters of a new scientific periodical, countries such as Iran, Syria, Russia and China currently have the potential to develop into technological and economic hubs in the near future. The author also maintains that Iran with the help of Syria and Russia could attract significant numbers of talented westerners from the currently dwindling middle class in many of the malaise-stricken economies of Europe and North America.

OSLO, Norway, 2013-05-23 (SPNW)

Gifted, Businesses Abandon Finland, Norway in Struggle for Global Talent Recruitment and Retention- Discrimination, Risk-avoidance Blamed

Oslo, 23rd May 2013, (SPNW) - A newly released corporate history book tells the tale of gifted foreign-born people facing corruption, apathy and discrimination in Finland and in Scandinavia...

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, 2013-05-26 (SPNW)

Finnish, EU Economic Woes, Stagnation Foretold Years Ago by SPACEPOL Corporation Experts, despite Trend of Naive Optimism

Québec, 26th May 2013, (SPNW) - According to the newly-released Journal of the Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation Finnish and EU official optimism about a quick rebound from economic stagnation and decline was avidly rebuffed by SPACEPOL Corporation experts already in 2009, when few knew how long the crisis would continue. The pages of the Journal recount the naïvité and quick-fix attitudes that were addressed back then...

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, 2013-05-28 (SPNW)

SPACEPOL Corporation Economic Prognosis Slated Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia as Places to be for the Economic Future

Québec, 27th May 2013, (SPNW) - There's only a slim chance that the US, Japan and most of Europe will emerge from economic stagnation in the foreseeable future, according to economic analysis done by experts at a Canadian high-knowledge corporation. On the other hand unlikely countries such as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are set to attract the best and the brightest from the West and emerge as economic powerhouses, according to analysts...

QUEBEC CITY, Canada, 2012-08-25 (SPNW)

Experts Critical of "Uncritical" Take on Bibliographic Linked Data

While many librarians and other organizations are chanting the current mantra of "linked data" and "semantic web", a small but apparently growing cadre of experts are warning libraries not to jump head-first into the new craze and abandon their MARC21 solutions without serious contingency plans for lack of connectivity...

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