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TRELEW, Argentina, 2016-02-26 (SPNW)

Government IT Security Guide says Avoid the Cloud and US, UK, AU, CA, NZ Servers like the Plague

TRELEW, 26th February 2016, (SPNW) - A data privacy and anti-espionage guide which was recently released by SPACEPOL Academic Publishers is warning governments and corporations in Europe, Russia and Latin America about mass surveillance carried on by the so-called Five Eyes countries. The guide, which was made available free of charge and online by the Canadian publishing house is also instructing government IT users how to plan their hosting and telecommunications services so as to avoid jurisdictions where their data could be leaked to spying governments or other corporations.

TRELEW, Argentina, 2013-06-11 (SPNW)

SPACEPOL Corporation Economic Prognosis Slated Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia as Places to be for the Economic Future

Trelew, 11th June 2013, SPNW - There's only a slim chance that the US, Japan and most of Europe will emerge from economic stagnation in the foreseeable future, according to economic analysis done by experts at a Canadian high-knowledge corporation. On the other hand unlikely countries such as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are set to attract the best and the brightest from the West and emerge as economic powerhouses, according to analysts...

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