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Thu 30th May 2013 | SPNW

SPACEPOL Corporation Initiates Exit Networking in Finland

The Nordic Branch of The SPACEPOL Corporation has initiated the final step to relocation from Finland, which involves a process referred to exit networking. The exit networking programme seeks to identify missed opportunities in a divestiture country or region before the actual divestiture is finalized and all operations removed from that country. The Praesidium (Board of Directors) of The SPACEPOL Corporation voted in 2010 to remove the corporation's Nordic branch office from Finland.

Tue 7th May 2013 | SPNW

SPACEPOL Corporation Media Policy Change: Direct Access Gives Way to Pre- accreditation and SPNW NewsWire

As of 20th December 2012 The SPACEPOL Corporation has had a new media and external relations policy which ends the formerly customary direct access of Canadian and other media to corporate officers and personnel. The new President's Directive was assented to by the corporate board after a major review of previous corporate practices and of new media relations practices adopted by other corporations in light of the new security situation which strategic businesses are facing. Among the changes are the current policy of pre-accreditation of a limited group of top-notch journalists and handling of most corporate communications and news by the SPNW NewsWire media service.

Mon 11th Feb 2013 | SPNW

SPACEPOL Academic Publishers Acknowledges Differing Global Perception of Released Historical Chronicle

The corporate publishing arm has acknowledged that many universities and agencies that have acquired the "Original History of The SPACEPOL Corporation" do not merely consider it a corporate historical chronicle. Some universities and agencies are ordering and using the book in advanced training related to the subject matter of "brain drain" or flight of talented people from a region or country. In light of this unexpected use of the title which was under a limited release plan, the publishing arm will re-market the book in accordance with how it is currently being used around the world.

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