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SPACEPOL Corporation Economic Prognosis Slated Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia as Places to be for the Economic Future

Québec, 27th May, SPNW - There's only a slim chance that the US, Japan and most of Europe will emerge from economic stagnation in the foreseeable future, according to economic analysis done by experts at a Canadian high-knowledge corporation. On the other hand unlikely countries such as Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia are set to attract the best and the brightest from the West and emerge as economic powerhouses, according to analysts.

For those who avidly followed the Qatar-based news service Al Jazeera back in 2011, these findings may sound familiar. For it was there and in particular on the Al Jazeera-hosted The Stream that they made their début in the Middle East and the rest of the world.

According to SPACEPOL experts who have since 2010 been involved in developing reliable models for understanding phenomena such as the recent economic collapse, all periods of economic decline are not the same. This one, according to them, is literally a perfect storm combining the gradual emergence of a western generation unfit to lead and having a poorly developed sense of responsibility with struggling but highly-disciplined new powers who are now emerging from their trial by fire and ready to evolve into international leaders. These powers include Brazil, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

SPACEPOL analysts point out that none of the emerging powers can carry out the task of regional or world leadership alone. They each would have to cooperate and this is the clincher which puts a question mark at the end of the SPACEPOL economic prognosis. But interestingly, China was mentioned in the newly-released Journal of the Governor of The SPACEPOL Corporation only in passing and with concern about the sustainability of the country's previous growth.

Cultural decline, economic stagnation, increasing unrest and added difficulty for such countries as Sweden, Finland, France and Denmark to get loans to finance their long-stagnant economic environments are some of the events in store for western nations, according to the SPACEPOL analysts and the newly released journal.

Iran, on the other hand, has been effectively, albeit inadvertently, quarantined from the ailments affecting much of the western economy and those economies linked to the west through the sanctions which have been imposed upon the country. According to SPACEPOL analysts, Iran has been forced to do what other emerging powers should have done long ago- to develop a strong self-sufficiency and an alternative environment for new technological and non-technological innovation. If Iran, Russia, Brazil and other emerging powers can overcome their various differences and maintain a sane, innovative and wholesome societal environment, we may well see them emerge as places where even the best and the brightest westerners long to be in the not so distant future.

Sources | SPNW, CBC

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